Version Report Firmware

COMmander¬ģ 6000


7.4B Build 000
(22. 08. 2019)

New functions:

  • Support of the new IP DECT Solution
    Central point of firmware version 7.4B is the new IP DECT solution of Auerswald and the support of it. The solution consists of the following devices:
    • COMfortel WS-500S (singlecell basis)
    • COMfortel WS-500M (multicell basis)
    • COMfortel M-510 (universal handset))
    • COMfortel M-520 (elegant handset))
    • COMfortel M-530 (robust handset))
    The special part of the new system is the vastly better interaction of the ICT system and the DECT solution. The dominant part of the configuration of the DECT system takes place on the PBX. The DECT system is created as base and the handsets as subscriber.


    Important note for trouble-free installation:
    The base is not connected to the network until the provisioning file has been created and assigned. After connecting the DECT system finds the PBX and receives the corresponding configuration from the PBX. The handsets only need to be switched on and registered to the base. The DECT system is then ready for use.


  • Improvement of the Configuration Manager after a firmware update
    The behaviour of the Configuration Manager has been improved in that way that it is no longer necessary that the cache of the browser must be deleted after a firmware update.


  • Note on CLIP no screening
    Please note:
    After updating to this version, you must enter the complete phone number (thus, with the local area code or, for example, as 0800‚Ķ ) in the ‚ÄúPhone number for CLIP no screening‚ÄĚ function.
  • RSS feed is no longer supported
    As the support for RSS feed has been removed for security reasons in various browsers, we have decided to also remove this feature from our PBXs.


  • RTP port display in port overview was incorrect
    The address range for RTP is now displayed correctly in the port overview (Overview -> Ports).
  • Activation option PBX Call Assist V3 was missing on "Activation" page
    The activation option PBX Call Assist V3 is now displayed on the page "Number of enabled functions" (Administration -> Activation).
  • At internal calls to subscribers with active FMC, the wrong phone number was transmitted
    During a call from an internal subscriber to a subscriber with enabled FMC (Fixed Mobil Convergence), the correct phone number of the calling subscriber is transmitted (at an internal call the external subscriber number assigned via the call distribution or at an external call the phone number of the caller).
  • When calling on an internal busy FMC subscriber, the FMC destination number was called
    If the FMC subscriber is busy, now, the FMC destination number is no longer called.
  • Device type could be changed later
    The device type cannot not be changed later anymore (Subscriber -> IP Provisioning -> File management -> Column ‚ÄúUse for Device Type‚ÄĚ).
  • IP phone was provisioned unnecessarily
    If a call forwarding is activated or deactivated via the configuration manager, no provisioning takes place on the affected IP telephone afterwards.

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