Versionsreport COMfortel Set

COMfortel Set

Version Changes

(01. 08. 16)

Neue Funktionen:

  • Distributing a configuration to several telephones
    In order to save time for the setup of several ISDN telephones, a configuration set up in COMfortel Set, can now automatically be distributed to other ISDN telephones.
    The distribution can also be limited to parts of the configuration (e.g. only the function key assignment).


  • Note about installed COMfortel versions
    The note dialogue for already installed COMfortel versions has been revised.
  • Macro keys assignment reversed
    If COMfortel Set macro keys were defined and loaded into the telephone, subsequently, the function key assignment of the macros in the telephone did not correspond to those of COMfortel Set.

(14. 07.15)

New functions

  • Function keys on the display freely assignable
    The function keys in the idle state of the ISDN telephones with colour display are freely assignable as of firmware 1.8B. The function keys can be assigned in COMfortel Set under Function keys > Touch function keys
  • Text colour adjustable
    As of firmware 1.8B of the ISDN telephones, the text colour for the devices with colour display can be adjusted. It is possible to adjust the contrast of the font to the wall paper. The setting can be made in COMfortel Set under Settings/functions > Display > Text colour
  • Displaying of an analogue clock
    In the idle state of the COMfortel 2600, additionally to the digital clock in the top display line, an analogue clock can be configured. The configuration can be made in COMfortel Set under Settings/functions > Display > Analogue clock in idle state
  • Attention tone for new messages
    For the acustic signalling of new messages on the voice mailbox in the PBX or on the local answering machine, an attention tone can now be configured via the device loudspeaker. The attention tone can be enabled in COMfortel Set under Settings/functions > Signalling/ringer > Attention tone (voice mailbox or answering machine)
  • Additional sorting possibility in the caller list
    When assigning a function key or a touch function key with the caller function, you can select between "all" and "selective". "All" shows all entries of the caller list. "Selective" opens a selection menu after pressing the key and it is possible to search directly for incoming or outgoing calls. It is also possible to display all calls.


  • Imported Outlook contacts were cut-off
    Imported Outlook contacts were cut-off to 15 digits. Now, the entries are limited to 32 digits and imported contacts can be displayed correctly in the telephone.
  • With version 3.10.00, an update of firmware version lower than V1.6 was not possible
    With COMfortel Set version 3.10.00, an update of a telephone version lower than 1.6A of the telephones COMfortel 2600/1600 was not possible.

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