PBX Call Assist 3

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  • PBX Call Assist 3 | Auerswald
  • PBX Call Assist 3 | Auerswald

PBX Call Assist 3

Unified communications solution with CTI*, presence management and instant messaging to
improve collaboration for up to 40 workstations

With PBX Call Assist 3, organisations are able to improve their communications and collaboration internally and across company boundaries with partners, suppliers, and customers.

In addition to proven CTI, instant messaging, presence management, screen sharing and federation, PBX Call Assist 3 also provides audio/video (WebRTC-based) capabilities. Softphone functionalities (SIP) and a smartphone integration via Bluetooth with the Windows clients are also included.

Get there quicker: downloads and user licences directly from Auerswald

The PBX Call Assist 3 software and user licences can be obtained from the Auerswald Online Shop directly. You do not need to purchase separate LAN TAPI licences to operate PBX Call Assist 3.

Without user licences the software can be used in demo mode for 45 days.

Buyy user licences Load demo version

The highlights at a glance

  • SIP softphone for maximum flexibility and mobility in your day-to-day work routine
  • Screen sharing for smooth cooperation
  • Platform-independent – multi-device support with free choice of device
  • VideoChat from client to client
  • Presence management – availability of your employees at a glance
  • Easier administration by central user management

* Computer Telephony Integration

Available for Android soon 
– PBX Call Assist 3 smartphone apps:

appstore engoogleplay en
  • Call accept
  • Call reject
  • Call end
  • On hold
  • Call query
  • Reject in call status
  • Forwarding in call status2
  • Forwarding during a call2
  • Establish inquiry2
  • Call brokering2
  • Connect inquiry2
  • Conference2
  • Automatic presence state detection
    • online and available
    • online and busy
    • online but absent
    • online but inactive
    • offline
  • Manual presence state setting
    • busy
    • available
    • do not disturb
    • absent
  • Sending text messages between two or more PBX Call Assist 3 clients
  • VideoChat accept
  • VideoChat reject
  • VideoChat initiate
  • Bluetooth pairing with the Windows PC
  • Search in smartphone contacts via the Windows PC
  • Hotkey support
  • Control of smartphone telephony via PC client
  • Journal support
  • OBDC (Access, SQL Server, MySQL)
  • LDAP (OpenLDAP)
  • Active Directory
  • Public Exchange directory
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • IBM Notes databases
  • Google Apps for Work / G Suite
  • DATEV pro
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM and Navision
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
  • Salesforce
  • Das Telefonbuch
  • Herold
  • KlickTel
  • TwixTel
  • Outgoing call dialling with
    • direct phone number input
    • context menu (right click on the contact)
    • selecting a phone number and executing via hotkey
  • Display of incoming calls in the application window
  • Supported TAPI functions
    • Call accept
    • Call reject
    • Call end
    • On Hold
    • Query call
    • Call forwarding
    • Conference (3PTY)
  • Call forwarding set/delete
  • Call protection set/delete
  • List of missed calls
  • Notes set/delete
  • COMpact 4000 (up to 20 workstations)
    licence package4 for 5 clients, 15 clients
  • COMpact 5000/5000R, 5200/5200R, 5500R (up to 40 workstations)
    licence package4 for 5 clients, 15 clients, 40 clients
  • COMmander 6000/6000R/6000RX (up to 40 workstations)
    licence package4 for 5 clients, 15 clients, 40 clients

1 Not for macOS
2 Just for the Windows client
3 Windows, iOS, Android and only between Calls Assist 3 clients
4 All licence packages are available as upgrade for PBX Call Assist 2 (without LAN TAPI licences)

Note: PBX Call Assist 3 is designed for Auerswald LAN TAPI and cannot manage any other TSP

System requirements
PC client hardware CPU: 2 Core @ 2 GHz
RAM: 2 GByte
Hard drive capacity: 1 GByte
Network: 100 Mbit
PC server hardware CPU: 4 Core @ 3 GHz
RAM: 4 GByte
Hard drive capacity: 1 GByte
Network: 1 Gbit
Software Terminalserver
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019
Windows 7 SP1
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
macOS Sierra / High Sierra
iOS ab 10.3
Android from 7.1
Auerswald ICT systems* COMpact 4000
COMpact 5x00(R)
COMmander 6000 series

 * from firmware 7.0A

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