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Centralized voicemail and fax system

Centralized and menu-controlled – ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises

Are you looking for a voicemail and fax system which can be seamlessly integrated? A system which keeps you posted on new messages worldwide and can be conveniently controlled through the phone?

Auerswald can offer you the right solution: recorded speech and fax messages are centrally stored together with the time, date and length (minutes/pages) in the system. These records can be sent via e-mail and automatically deleted afterwards, if desired. In times of absence, you can redirect your extension to your personal voicemail box and greet callers with an individual message, depending on the number transmitted. If it’s a caller from abroad, you can even address him in his native language!

Thanks to the secretarial function, callers may decide whether they want to leave a message or be transferred to a representative of yours when you’re out of the office or in a meeting. Should you find out upon listening to a spoken message that it wasn’t meant for you, you can move it to the voicemail box of the correct participant at a simple press of a key. Our corded COMfortel system phone models conveniently support these centralized answering machines – just like you’re used to it from a regular answering machine. And since the entire fax correspondence takes place directly at your computer screen, waiting times during sending, paper jam, lack of toner and long ways to the fax machine are a thing of the past!

You can opt for these voicemail and fax functions with our COMpact 3000, COMpact 5010/5020 VoIP and COMmander models (system firmware starting with version 4.0 required). The COMpact 5010/5020 VoIP also requires a COMpact 2VoIP or 6VoIP module while the COMmander models must be equipped with a COMmander VMF module. To store messages, you need an SD card or a USB stick, depending on model.

Whether you have a COMpact 5010/5020 VoIP or a COMmander series model, you may allocate the voicemail and fax boxes to individual participants or groups, e.g. a certain department. Fax distribution is possible directly from your workplace with Windows (XP/Vista/7/8). Group members who have a corded COMfortel system phone can conveniently menu-control their voicemail boxes. Recorded speech messages can be accessed directly – no menu needed.

Note: to record calls, it takes a COMfortel VoIP 2500 AB, COMfortel 2600, COMfortel 3200 or COMfortel 3500 because this function is not supported by the centralized voicemail solutions.




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