COMfortel® 1200

  • ISDN system telephone COMfortel 1200 | Auerswald
  • ISDN system telephone COMfortel 1200 | Auerswald

COMfortel® 1200

Life can be so easy...

Looking for a competitively priced phone for your Auerswald PBX system that offers the same level of comfort as a system phone? Check out the digital system phone COMfortel 1200: the large illuminated display, hands-free function and direct access to the system’s central phonebook show that convenience is the name of the game. Almost every function of your PBX system can be directly controlled via the phone keys – the current status is indicated by an LED in the respective key.

It’s details such as InterCom with automatic hands-free talking or the central caller list by group which prove highly practical in everyday life. The same applies to the online name search function (backward search) which shows the caller’s name on the display and as part of the call data listed in the PBX system.

And since it automatically recognizes the connection type, the COMfortel 1200 is immediately ready-to-operate on any S0 port or UP0 port of your PBX system.

  • Calling number and name display (CLIP/CNIP) if registered in the central phone book of the PBX or the telephone
  • Automatic background illumination
  • Automatic detection of S0 or UP0 connection
  • Ringtone, handset and hands-free speaker volume adjustable
  • Microphone mute
  • Set-up angle adjustable in 3 steps
  • 10 programmable function keys
  • Power-safe mode
  • Power supply via system connection; no additional power supply required
  • 1,600 local telephone number entries
  • Telephone lock, emergency calls possible
  • Desktop and wall mounting
  • Access to the central phonebook of the PBX

1 Expansion module for the PBX with one internal S0 or UP0 port necessary

System connection S0/UP0 port
Power supply1 via internal Sor UP0 port (PBX)
Power consumption1 1.1 W min., 2 W max. 
Headset for dyn. speaker/microphone sets
Display graphic display with 128 x 64 pixels, monochrome, with background illumination
LEDs 14, some multi-coloured
Operating elements dialing keys with vanity code, 13 function keys, 10 programmable function keys
Handset wideband audio, electret-microphone, dynamical loudspeaker, hearing aid compatible
Loudspeaker 8 Ohm, Ø 52 mm
Hook switch magnetically switching contact
Case plastic
Colour black
Dimensions (w x h x d) 223 mm x 148/158/168 mm x 185 mm
Weight approx. 920 g
Safety CE


1 The power supply requirements for the wired COMfortel phones are listed in this overview (PDF document).


Product Overview English online 

Product overview

Brief descriptions and key features
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The documents listed below are available especially for COMfortel 1200:


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Stromversorgungsanforderungen für COMfortel-Telefone

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Data sheet COMfortel® 1200

2 pages - PDF


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