COMpact 3000 ISDN

  • Telefonanlage COMpact 3000 ISDN
  • Telefonanlage COMpact 3000 ISDN
  • Telefonanlage COMpact 3000 ISDN

COMpact 3000 ISDN

Plug & phone convenience for an ISDN connection

with additional internet access for Voice over IP

Even the basic configuration of our COMpact 3000 ISDN surprises with amazing high-performance capabilities, considering the size of this small telephone system: With four analogue extensions, a phonebook for 400 entries, a central voicemail and fax system which automatically informs you about news waiting via e-mail, RSS feed and a call, CTI support as well as connection possibilities for external storage devices, it’s perfectly equipped for all the requirements of day-to-day work. Should you want additional analogue extensions, yet another ISDN trunk interface or just a little more comfort with ISDN system phones, simply expand your COMpact 3000 with the according plug-in module. And to make internal calls via a computer network, all it takes is activate the two integrated VoIP channels via our Online Upgrade Center.

The ready-to-insert cabinet and step-by-step configuration even without a PC make installation and start-up child’s play. All further settings are done intuitively via the system’s web user interface. Latest circuit technology and a smart energy management take care that power consumption stays low under all operating conditions – that’s our contribution to protecting the environment … and your budget. By the way, the COMpact 3000 also serves as voicemail system or gateway between different worlds of telecommunications.
It enables you to expand your existing telephone system or to keep it even if the processing type is changed.

  • Trunk line authorisations for reduction of costs
  • System profiles (8 configurations max.) switchable by internal clock or by phone from internal and external
  • Off-hook emergency dialling (e.g. baby call)
  • Busy-on-busy for external calls
  • Call through function1
  • Boss/secretary function2
  • Direct line access
  • Bank holiday table for automatic switching of system profiles or wake-up calls 
  • Call data recording with 2,000 call data records
  • Charge and time account control per subscriber3
  • Call pick-up (e.g. from integrated answering machine)
  • Group calls 
  • Least Cost Routing incl. call by call in the local network
  • Call brokering, three-party conference internal / via exchange line
  • 10 emergency numbers with special rights and call prioritisation
  • Open query
  • Online name search (reverse search)
  • Parallel call, simultaneous calling of a 2nd target
  • Private trunk line access with user-related password, usable from all subscribers
  • Barring of anonymous calls
  • Call barring/exception lists, 10 each for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Power saving function (eco mode)
  • System telephony with ISDN and IP terminals out of the COMfortel series possible
  • Music on Hold with insertable announcement (loadable WAV file)
  • Wake-up calls, 3 announcements selectable by time
  • Central telephone book with 400 call numbers
  • 2 voicemail channels, including 1 for fax
  • 6 voicemail and 6 fax boxes
  • Fax sending4 via the network (printer driver for Windows 7/8)
  • Storage of the voice and fax messages on a USB storage or SD card (not included)
  • Recording capacity (with storage 4 GByte):
    – approx. 120 hours voice messages incl. announcements
    – or approx. 3,500 fax pages
  • Message and fax forwarding via e-mail
  • Remote access of the voicemail boxes incl. voice guidance
  • Fax over IP external (T.38 acc. ITU-T)
  • Excellent sound quality with optimised echo cancellation
  • Remote subscribers and mobile VoIP clients integration
  • LAN TAPI4 (4 clients included)
  • Fax sending4
  • Call waiting (CW)
  • Presentation of the forwarder's number (RgN)
  • Destination number present. to the caller (COLP) and presentation restriction of the destination number to the caller (COLR)
  • Number (CLIP) and name (CNIP) presentation
  • Automatic recall on busy (CCBS) and no response (CCNR)
  • Presentation restriction of the own telephone number (CLIR)
  • Call charge information (AOCE/AOCD)3
  • Call forwarding on busy (CFB), no reply (CFNR), unconditional (CFU), of a DDI (CD (PR))
  • Administration via web interface, secure access via https
  • System access local via Ethernet and remote via Internet
  • System software update via local and remote PC upload
  • Selectable authorisation levels, password protected
  • Quick setup with configuration wizzard via telephone or PC
  • Plug & Phone, easy installation
  • 2 VoIP channels (internal)
  • Fax sending (Windows 7/8/10)
  • LAN TAPI (up to 8 subscribers), 4 included

1 ISDN exchange line necessary
2 With COMfortel 1400 / 1600 / 2600
3 Charge information necessary at the end (AOCE) or during (AOCD) the call
4 Can be activated in the Auerswald Upgrade Center with costs (

Exchange lines1 Basic setup Maximum setup
Sport, point-to-multipoint/point-to-point connection
1 2
Subscriber ports1 Basic setup Maximum setup
Sports, point-to-multipoint connection (PTMP, Euro-ISDN, DSS-1) 0 1
UP0 ports, point-to-multipoint connection (PTMP, Euro-ISDN, DSS-1) 0 1
Range of the internal S0/UP0 ports approx. 150 m / 1,000 m at Ø 0.6 mm 
Analogue ports, symmetrical, pulse/tone dialling, CLIP/CNIP capable (FSK) 4 6
Range of the analogue ports 2 x 50 Ω, approx. 790 m at Ø 0.6 mm 
VoIP subscribers 0 8 max.
VoIP channels (SIP acc. RFC 3261) 0 2
VoIP codecs internal G.722 (wideband), G.711, G.726, iLBC 
Voicemail and fax system1    
Voicemail and fax channels 2 voicemail channels max., thereof 1 fax channel max.
Voicemail and fax boxes 6 each 
Fax standard T.30 / T.38 acc. ITU-T 
Active and passive fax switch yes 
Additional connections Basic setup Maximum setup 
Ethernet port 10/100 Base-T (10/100 MBit/s, twisted pair) 1
USB host V2.0 for printer and memory connection 1
Slot for SD/SDHC memory card (16 GByte max.) 1
Module slots  1
Technical data    
Operating voltage 230 V ±10 %, 50 Hz 
Power consumption1 2.4 W min., 15 W max.
Housing plastic, 3 parts 
Dimensions (w x h x d) 240 mm x 240 mm x 58.4 mm 
Weight (w/o modules) approx. 740 g (system),
approx. 100 g (power supply) 
Safety CE
Supported operating systems Windows 7/8/10, Apple Mac OS X and Linux 

1 Depending on the setup level of the system

When requirements are growing these systems show how big they really are.

Design your own COMpact 3000! Do you need additional analogue or digital extensions or an additional ISDN trunk line? In that case use one of the three expansion modules. The expansion modules are suitable for all three variants of the COMpact 3000 (analog, ISDN or VoIP). The slot is easily accessible after removing the top cover of the system. The housing itself must not be opened to insert the module. The electronics remain well protected.

COMpact 3000 ISDN: 1 slot

COMpact ISDN module
Adds one variable ISDN port (external/internal). When used as internal port, either S0 (4-wire) or UP0 (2-wire) operation is possible. You can connect COMfortel system telephones or any other ISDN terminal device to the internal ISDN port.
Number of modules which can be used in the COMpact: 1

COMpact Smodule
Adds one internal S0 port. You can connect COMfortel system telephones or any other ISDN terminal device to the internal S0 port.
Number of modules which can be used in the COMpact: 1

COMpact 2a/b module
Adds two additional analogue extensions to the maximum of six analogue ports.
Number of modules which can be used in the COMpact: 1

UP0/S0 Adapter
Additional adapter for the COMpact ISDN module, for the conversion from the 2-wire UP0 port to the 4-wire S0 port, e.g. for the connection of older COMfort system telephones.
Number of modules which can be used in the COMpact: 1 for each internal UP0 port

Tuning your system with function and software upgrades

Each COMpact 3000 can be expanded with two VoIP channels just by entering a release code which can be purchased at our local partner or directly in the Upgrade Center. These channels can be used independently as internally for IP telephony via the local network. 

Do you want to dial out directly out of e.g. Outlook? Do you have a small business and want to see the matching data records immediately on your screen when a customer calls? In that case you need a small CTI solution. The COMpact 3000 is supporting already in the basic setup the data exchange via the network and the software interface TAPI for up to four internal subscribers. If more subscribers are necessary additional LAN-TAPI licenses could be purchased.


Possible number of modules
VoIP slot (V) -
Universal slot (U) 1
COMpact ISDN module
Trunk line 0 – 1 Sport, Euro-ISDN (DSS-1),
point-to-multipoint/point-to-point connection (PTMP/PTP)
Internal ISDN port 0 – 1 S0/UP0 port, Euro-ISDN (DSS-1),
point-to-multipoint (PTMP)
COMpact Smodule
Internal ISDN port Sport, Euro-ISDN (DSS-1), point-to-multipoint (PTMP)
COMpact 2a/b module
Subscriber ports 2 analogue subscribers, pulse/tone dialling, CLIP/CNIP capable (FSK)
UP0/S0 Adapter
ISDN port 1 UP0 port to connect to COMpact ISDN module
ISDN port 2 Sport, Euro-ISDN (DSS-1), point-to-multipoint
Housing plastic, 2 parts
Dimensions (d x h) Ø 95 mm x 33 mm
Weight approx. 100 g


Product Overview English online 

Product overview

Brief descriptions and key features
of the entire product range

8 pages - PDF


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