COMpact 5500R

  • Auerswald Telefonanlage COMpact 5500R
  • Auerswald Telefonanlage COMpact 5500R
  • Auerswald Telefonanlage COMpact 5500R

COMpact 5500R

A purebred IP performer – and yet offering multiple options!


80 IP channels in a compact housing: feel free to upgrade your COMpact 5500R to the desired size!

No matter whether you're a promising new start-up or an established company that's planning to expand - this VoIP appliance can help keep all your options open. The brand new COMpact 5500R has the ability to cope with increasing demands built into its DNA. Thanks to its fully modular architecture, even its base configuration, designed for up to 12 VoIP subscribers, can also handle up to 112 subscribers (including remote extensions) and also provide all the functions of a "large“ IP server.

When it comes to “traditional telecommunication” this system makes life really easy: Analogue and ISDN subscriber ports can be retrofitted as integrated gateways, for example, for existing telephones. The specially designed templates make setting up the VoIP trunks for all the major providers as easy as child's play. Even the "traditional" FXO and BRI connection types can be retrofitted using modules if required.

This compact system has excellent credentials when it comes to climate protection: Auerswald is the world's first manufacturer to have its ICT systems Blue Angel certified. This also covers the COMpact 5500R.

A VoIP appliance par excellence

Even setting up SIP trunks is child’s play: downloading a certain provider template right when you need it lets you always rest assured you’ve got the latest version. The retrofittable Ethernet port at the front of the housing is a special feature of the COMpact 5500R – ideal to intelligently separate telephony and data and perfect to embrace the new era of IP connections

Convincing as an overall system as well

Connected Auerswald IP telephones are also well catered for: thanks to provisioning, the initial setup is done almost automatically. Everything else can be centrally configured in a flash – with the new COMfortel IP Editor.



Bring efficiency and convenience to practically any environment with up to 50 workplaces


Agencies and freelance professionals

An online agency without IP telephony? No way!

After winning a new budget, advertising agency owner Marco F. has to expand his staff from 18 to 30 employees practically overnight: “Handling this account requires sufficient external lines which must function dependably even when there are many simultaneous calls”, he says. Since there are no separate phone lines in the new business premises, he opted for an IP-based system which also manages to integrate the mobile handsets of the IT crew and to show the IP cameras’ pictures on the receptionist’s phone display. Even though “the brain” of the system, the COMpact 5500R, will only be installed shortly before moving in, the whole team is looking forward to enjoying optimum work conditions.

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  • Trunk line authorisations for the reduction of costs and for multi-company operation
  • System profiles (10 configurations max.) switchable automatically using the internal clock, manually by phone
  • Door terminal calls internal / external (pharmacy function)
  • Automatic system-wide exchange line request
  • usy-on-busy for internal and external calls, dynamically depending on logged-in call agents
  • Call through for ISDN and VoIP trunk lines
  • Boss/secretary function1, 2
  • Direct line access
  • Speaker announcement (intercom) to corded COMfortel system telephones1, 2, to single users or groups
  • Bank holiday table for automatic switching of system profiles or wake-up calls
  • Call data management with up to 18,000 records
  • Call data printout (hotel) via network (PCL3)
  • Call take-over (e.g. from integrated answering machine)
  • Group caller lists3
  • Group functions with intelligent ringing schemes
  • ISDN features like CLIP, CW, AOC, CF, CCBS
  • Least Cost Routing Soft-LCR for VoIP, ISDN and analogue
  • Call brokering, three-party conference internal / via exchange line / via 2nd call channel
  • 10 emergency numbers with special rights and prioritisation
  • Open query
  • Parallel call to any second target
  • Pick-up, specific (with pre-check1) / global pick-up
  • Project assignment of calls
  • Call diversion, follow me internal, cascadable
  • Protection against attacks with blocking, black lists, monitoring
  • Software interfaces
  • Call barring / exception lists, 10 each for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Announcement before answering unconditional or on busy, 10 announcements can be stored
  • Flexible rework time for call centres
  • Voicemail and fax functions
  • Waiting field1, 2 for max. 14 simultaneous incoming calls
  • Music on Hold with insertable announcement (loadable WAV file)
  • SIP-BLF, Busy Lamp Field acc. to RFC 4235
  • Pick-up pre-check
  • SIP-MWI (Message Waiting Indication), monitoring of the central voicemail/fax boxes acc. to RFC 3842
  • SIP text messages acc. to RFC 3428
  • Auto provisioning and status LEDs6
  • 2,000 contacts incl. photo, addresses and numbers
  • Separate address books for departments and multi-company operation
  • Convenient operation using the COMfortel system telephones
  • Different security access levels for administrator and user
  • Address book provisioning via LDAP
  • Usage of Google Contacts
  • Import of VCF- and CSV files
  • Max. 24 actuators, e.g. a/b Switching Modules or via http with IP switching relays
  • KNX/EIB integration via IP, e.g. with Gira HomeServer
  • Time or key controlled operation of heating systems, air-condition lighting or blinds1,2
  • Full integration of VoIP and analogue door intercom systems
  • Support of IP video intercom systems1
  • 8 VoIP channels (external/internal) included, expansion to 80 VoIP channels possible4,5
  • Dynamic internal/external VoIP channels
  • Fax over IP (T.38 acc. to ITU-T) external
  • Excellent speech quality due to optimised echo cancellation and wide-band audio with G.722
  • Integration of remote extensions and mobile clients
  • Call forwarding on busy (CFB), no reply (CFNR), unconditional (CFU) at carrier trunk, configuration dependent
  • MSNs in SIP-Trunk simultaneously
  • Encryted signalling (SIPS) and data transmission (SRTP) with COMpact 4DSP module
  • Transfer of customer-specific numbers for outgoing calls (CLIP no screening)
  • Individual gateways for each provider
  • 1 voicemail channel and 1 voicemail box included, expansion to up to 8 voicemail and fax channels with 60 boxes each4
  • Fax sending4 via the network (printer driver for Windows 7,8,10 und MAC OS.X (El Capitan))
  • Storage of voice and fax messages on USB memory stick (not included)
  • Recording capacity (at 4 GByte of memory):
    – approx. 120 hours voice messages incl. announcements
    – or approx. 3,500 fax pages
  • Call acceptance and individual announcements, depending on calling number, time and call type
  • Comfortable operation via corded COMfortel system telephones
  • Substitute function
  • Voicemail and fax forwarding via e-mail
  • Remote access of the voicemail boxes incl. voice guidance
  • Active and passive fax switch at analogue trunk lines
  • Softphone functionality for Windows, Android and iOS
  • Call setup and ending via PC, incl. Outlook plug-in
  • Presence management with automatic status detection
  • Instant messaging for fast information exchange
  • Contact data for local user and out of external databases
  • Screen sharing for convenient cooperation
  • „Federation" as networking concept between external sites and companies
  • Platform independent (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)
  • COMfortel Mobile Business5
    Seamless integration in iOS and Android
    Signalizing of the business number
    Full flexibility, always reachable
  • PBX Manager with
    Switching of call forwardings
    Log-in/-out in groups
    Retrieving of messages
  • Retrieving the call data lists using SFTP
  • LAN TAPI4 (4 clients included)
  • Online name search (backward searching), customisable
  • API for 3rd party software e.g. for retrieving caller lists, call forwarding ON/OFF, configuration switching, sending of fax/voicemail, switching relays, alarm status (start, acknowledgment, timeout), hotel (room status, call list, wakeup call)
  • Note: System activation by a trained Auerswald dealer necessary (costs possible)
  • Administration via web interface, secure access via https
  • System access local via Ethernet and remote via Internet
  • System software update via local or remote PC upload
  • Central configuration of IP telephones (security by using certificates1)
  • Auto provisioning for phones of other brands6
  • Simple configuration with COMfortel IP Editor
  • Selectable authorisation levels with password protection
  • Support for IPv6
  • Second Ethernet interface for a separate network with an own IP address range (with optional COMpact NET-Modul)
  • Expansion with 8 VoIP channels for up to 80 channels (a maximum of 80 VoIP channels in the system possible)
  • Expansion to 20, 40 or 60 voicemail and fax boxes
  • Automatic Attendant
  • Hotel function2
  • LAN TAPI (up to all subscribers), 4 included
  • PBX Call Assist
  • SIP comfort package brand plus incl. auto-provisioning6 for standard SIP phones
  • System activation (necessary for the operation of the system)

1 With COMfortel 1400 IP / 2600 IP / 3600 IP
2 With COMfortel 1400 / 1600 / 2600
3 With corded COMfortel system telephones
4 Can be activated, with costs or expansion module necessary
5 With system firmware 7.4 (Q2/19)
6 Auto-provisioning currently for phones made by Yealink and Snom

Exchange lines1 Basic setup 
Maximum setup
Sports, point-to-multipoint/point-to-point connection
0 3
Analogue trunk line (tone dialling, CLIP capable) 0 6
VoIP channels (SIP acc. RFC 3261), point-to-multipoint/
point-to-point connection (SIP trunking)
 0 - 8 20
VoIP codecs trunk line G.711, G.722, G.726, G.729 und iLBC
Subscriber ports1 Basic setup Maximum setup

Switchable S0/UP0 ports , point-to-multipoint connection
(PTMP, Euro-ISDN, DSS-1)

0 10 / 10
Range of the internal S0/UP0 ports approx. 150 m / 1,000 m at Ø 0.6 mm 
Analogue ports, symmetrical, pulse/tone dialling, CLIP/CNIP capable 0 20
Range of the analogue ports 2 x 50 Ω, approx. 800 m at Ø 0.6 mm
VoIP subscribers 112 max. 112 max.
VoIP channels (SIP acc. RFC 3261) 0 - 8 80
VoIP codecs internal G.711, G.722, G.726, G.729, iLBC
Voicemail and fax system1 Basic setup Maximum setup
Voicemail channels 1 8
Fax channels 0 8
Voicemail and fax boxes 1 Voicemail box 60 each max.
Fax standard T.30 / T38 acc. ITU-T
Door and relay connections Basic setup Maximum setup
Door intercom ports analogue (a/b) or VoIP (SIP) 8
Switching relays (door opener, staircase lighting, IP switch relay, a/b Switching Modul) 24
Additional connections1 Basic setup Maximum setup
Analogue audio output for announcements (e.g. a/b Audiobox) 0 4
Ethernet port 10/100 Base-T (10/100 MBit/s, twisted pair) 1 2
USB host V2.0 for printer and memory connection 1
Module slots 6
Technical data Basic setup Maximum setup
Operating voltage 230 V ±10 %, 50 Hz
Power consumption1 5 W min., 65 W max.
Housing plastic, metal angles
Dimensions (w x h x d) 325 mm x 88 mm x 240 mm
Weight (w/o moduls) approx. 1,700 g
Safety CE
Supported operating systems Windows 7/8/10, Apple Mac OS X and Linux

1 Depending on the setup level of the system

We call it “fully modular”. This means: your needs are crucial.

Can you say what your needs will look like in the future? This compact communication server for up to 32 workplaces lets you remain on the safe side thanks to its full modularity: You won’t have to buy a new system if you want to convert to a different telephone connection, and should your company grow, expanding the system to comply with any new requirements is easily done. Either by activating access via our own “Online Upgrade Center” or by purchasing an appropriate module. The COMpact 5200R symbolizes versatility – here’s a small choice of the many options you have.

COMpact 5500R: 5 slots

COMpact 2BRI Module
Adds two variable ISDN ports (external/internal). When used as internal ports, either S0 (4-wire) or UP0 (2-wire) operation is possible. You can connect COMfortel system telephones or any other ISDN terminal device to the internal ISDN port.
BRI = Basic Rate Interface
Number of modules which can be used in the COMpact 5500R: 5

COMpact 4FXS Module
Adds four additional analogue extensions.
FXS = Foreign eXchange Station
Number of modules which can be used in the COMpact 5500R: 5

COMpact 2FXO Module
Adds two analogue trunk lines. The Caller ID feature (CLIP/CNIP) ensures you benefit from ISDN extras even with an analogue line. Analogue-only operation is possible, but as well mixed mode with ISDN and VoIP trunk lines.
FXO = Foreign eXchange Office
Number of modules which can be used in the COMpact 5500R: 3

UP0/S0 Adapter
Additional adapter for the UP0 ports, for the conversion from the 2-wire UP0 port to the 4-wire S0 port, e.g. for the connection of older COMfort system telephones.
Number of adapters which can be used in the COMpact 5500R: 1 for each internal UP0 port

a/b Audiobox
Adapter for announcements via the PBX.
Number of boxes which can be used in the COMpact 5500R: 4, 1 for each internal analogue port (FXS)

a/b Switching Module
Switching module to control doorbell, door opener and lighting systems via the 2-wire installation (a/b subscriber port), for TFS-Dialog 200TFS-Dialog 300TFS-Universal plus and a/b-Audiobox.
Number of modules which can be used in the COMpact 5500R: 24; 6 max. for each internal a/b subscriber port (FXS)


Possible number of modules
Universal slot (U) 5
COMpact 2BRI Module
Slot U
Trunk line 0 – 2 S0 ports, Euro-ISDN (DSS-1), point-to-multipoint or point-to-point connection
Internal ISDN ports 0 – 2 S0/UP0 ports, Euro-ISDN (DSS-1), point-to-multipoint
COMpact 4FXS Module
Slot U
Subscriber ports 4 analogue subscribers, pulse/tone dialling, CLIP/CNIP capable (FSK)
COMpact 2FXO Module
Slot U
Trunk lines 2 analogue trunk lines (tone dialling, CLIP capable)
UP0/S0 Adapter
ISDN port 1 UP0 port to connect to COMpact 2BRI module (UP0 mode)
ISDN port 2 Sport, Euro-ISDN (DSS-1), point-to-multipoint
Housing plastic, 2 parts
Dimensions (d x h) Ø 95 mm x 33 mm
Weight approx. 100 g


a/b Audiobox

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a/b Switching Module

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Product Overview English online 

Product overview

Brief descriptions and key features
of the entire product range

8 pages - PDF


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The documents listed below are available especially for COMpact 5000R:



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Data sheet COMpact 5500R

4 pages - PDF


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Data sheet PBX Call Assist 3

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