COMmander® 6000

  • Telefonanlage COMmander 6000 | VoIP | ISDN | analog
  • Telefonanlage COMmander 6000 | VoIP | ISDN | analog
  • Telefonanlage COMmander 6000 | VoIP | ISDN | analog

COMmander® 6000

Modular communication server for seamless VoIP integration,
Unified Messaging and Unified Communication

Even if you want to start with a small system at first – our COMmander 6000 with its fully modular design makes a perfect investment in the future. It’s suitable for wall-mounting, offers 38 trunk channels and up to 64 internal ports. To connect with the public telephone network, you may choose between VoIP trunk channels, ISDN basic lines and a primary multiplex access, while internal participants share the VoIP, ISDN and analogue connections.

Its full potential, however, lies idle until your demands increase and your communicational requirements grow. Are you keen on enjoying uninterrupted communication via wireless DECT system phones, or do you have a centralized voicemail and fax system with Unified Messaging in mind? No problem – simply plug the according extension into one of the COMmander 6000’s five open slots. You may even tap the advantages of the “Cloud” for your company.

This high-performance server can be easily integrated into your local network which ensures that all your subsidiaries and home offices are optimally tied to the system. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) can be realised with Auerswald PBX Call Assist 2, the ideal solution for Unified Communication with up to 40 users.

Integrated web applications also enable you to configure and maintain your system from wherever you happen to be! As you see, this system can be designed to match exactly your requirements – from the smallest development stage up to the full version.

NEW with firmware release 6.4:
2 voicemail channels with 4 voicemail boxes included



Confident communication for all lines of business and corporate divisions


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The place with the highest call volumes defines what’s required from your communication server and attached operator stations. COMmander 6000 series models are capable of managing up to 38 callers simultaneously.

Our system phones COMfortel 2600 and COMfortel 3200/3500 are ideally suited for operator stations, thanks to the possibility of adding key extensions – easy caller management at the touch of a key.

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Call centers / Hotlines

Readily accessible hotline members will earn you many points. Thanks to the Automatic Switchboard, clients will be guided directly to the right contact person. Intelligent Call Distribution optimizes accessibility and distributes callers evenly to your employees.

Productivity at its best: 8,500 calls per hour are feasible. Relaxed working conditions are ensured with system phones and headsets of our COMfortel series, and integrated LAN TAPI enables the use of CTI applications.

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Home Offices

Tie your employees’ home office firmly to your central telephone system! As long as their COMfortel 3200/3500 is connected to the COMmander 6000 via the Internet, they may log in to a group at the touch of a key and will receive clients’ calls just like their internal colleagues.

Provide personalized voicemail and fax boxes for them so that they are always updated on personal news – via phone call, e-mail and RSS. Faxes will be forwarded to their smartphones. Even CTI is possible from the distance.

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Purchasing, warehousing, production

In these departments, employees are often not linked to a permanent workstation. In spite of their mobility, however, they must be permanently reachable. Be it in the warehouse, in production or in a nearby company building – a wireless solution from Auerswald makes it possible even over long distances.

Ask your specialized dealer about the various options with regard to mobile extensions to the COMmander 6000, e.g. with our multi-cellular IP-DECT system.

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Hotels and pensions

Why not do the check-in (or check-out) of your guests through the phone on the reception desk! You won’t need a PC because your intelligent telephone system will take care of that. And to print out invoices, including call details, simply connect a printer to the system.

A universal telephone system, such as the COMmander 6000, will even arrange wake-up calls through the room telephone and control the door intercom system at the entrance to your hotel.

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Hospitals and nursing homes

In these environments, it’s indispensable that the nursing staff can be reached at all times anywhere. This can be ensured either by the wireless IP-DECT system or by connecting paging devices.

Providing individual patients or occupants with a phone creates no problem either: targeted rights assignment enables you to limit the use so that e.g. only certain numbers can be dialled. The master phone in the switchboard is used to block or release individual phones.

  • Trunk line authorisations for the reduction of costs
  • System profiles (10 configurations max.) switchable by internal clock or by phone from internal and external
  • Door terminal to exchange line calls (pharmacy function)
  • Off-hook emergency dialling (e.g. baby call)
  • Busy-on-busy for internal and external calls
  • Boss/secretary function1, 2
  • Direct line access
  • Speaker announcement to corded system telephones (single and groups)
  • Bank holiday table for automatic switching of system profiles or wake-up calls
  • Charge account management per extension
  • Call take-over (e.g. from integrated answering machine)
  • Group caller lists3
  • Group functions with intelligent ringing schemes
  • Call brokering, three-party conference internal / via exchange line
  • 10 emergency numbers with special rights and call prioritisation
  • Open query
  • Parallel call, simultaneous calling of a 2nd target
  • Pick-up (with pre-check1)
  • Private trunk line access with user-related password, usable from all extensions
  • Project assignment of calls
  • Productivity: 8,500 calls per hour possible
  • Call diversion, follow me internal, cascadable
  • Call barring/exceptions lists, 10 each for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Announcement before answering unconditional / on busy, 10 announcements can be stored
  • Waiting field1, 2 for up to 38 simultaneous incoming calls
  • Music on Hold with insertable announcement (WAV file)
  • SIP BLF (Busy Lamp Field), RFC 4235 compliant
  • Pick-up pre query
  • SIP MWI (Message Waiting Indication), monitoring of the central voicemail and fax boxes, RFC 3842 compliant
  • SIP text messages5, RFC 3428 compliant
  • 2,000 contacts incl. photo, addresses and numbers
  • Separate address books for departments and multi-company operation
  • Comfortable operation via COMfortel system phones
  • Different security access levels for administrator and user
  • Address book provisioning via LDAP
  • Usage of Google Contacts
  • Import of VCF- and CSV files
  • 24 actuators max., e.g. Auerswald a/b Switching Module or via http with IP switching relays
  • KNX/EIB integration via IP, e.g. GIRA HomeServer
  • Time or key controlled (COMfortel system telephones) operation of heating system, air-condition, lighting and blinds
  • Full integration of VoIP and analogue door intercom systems
  • Support of IP video intercom systems1
  • 2 VoIP channels (external/internal) included
  • Excellent sound quality due to optimised echo cancellation
  • Fax over IP external (T.38 acc. ITU-T) with 8/16VoIP-Module(s)
  • Remote extensions and mobile VoIP clients integration
  • Encoded signalling (SIPS) and data transmission (SRTP) with 8/16VoIP-module(s)
  • Transfer of customer-specific calling number information with outgoing calls (CLIP no screening)
  • Call waiting (CW)
  • Destination number presentation to the caller (COLP) and
    present. restriction of the destination number to the caller (COLR)
  • Presentation of the forwarder's number (RgN)
  • Number (CLIP) and name (CNIP) presentation
  • Automatic recall on busy (CCBS) and no response (CCNR)
  • Presentation restriction of the own telephone number (CLIR)
  • Call charge information (AOCE/AOCD)
  • Call forwarding on busy (CFB), no reply (CFNR), unconditional (CFU), of a DDI (CD (PR))
  • Transfer of customer-specific calling number information with outgoing calls (CLIP no screening)
  • NEW with firmware release 6.4:
    2 voicemail channels with 4 voicemail boxes included
  • 16 voicemail and fax channels max. with up to 120 boxes each4
  • Recording capacity (integr. storage 4 GByte)4:
    – approx. 120 hours voice messages incl. announcements
    – or approx. 3,500 fax pages
  • Fax sending via the network (printer driver for Windows 7/8/10 and MAC OS.X (El Capitan))
  • Call acceptance and individual announcements, depending on calling number, time and call type
  • Comfortable operation via corded COMfortel system phones
  • Substitute function
  • Message and fax forwarding via e-mail
  • Remote access of the voicemail boxes incl. voice guidance
  • Call setupand ending via PC, incl. Outlook plug-in
  • Presence management with automatic state detection
  • Instant Messaging for all PBX Call Assist user
  • Contact data base for local users and from external sources
  • More details see PBX Call Assist
  • Recalling call data via SFTP
  • LAN TAPI4 (8 clients in scope of delivery)
  • Online name search (reverse search), adaptable
  • PBX Control API to control system functions, e.g. recalling caller list, activating/deactivating call forwardings, configuration switching (e.g. day, night), recalling voicemails and fax messages
  • Note: System activation by specialized Auerswald dealer necessary for operation (with costs)
  • Administration via web interface, secure access via https
  • System access local via Ethernet and remote via Internet
  • System software update via local and remote PC upload
  • Selectable authorisation levels, password protected
  • IPv6 support
  • System activation (nescessary for operation)
  • 8 addition. VoIP channels for 1 8/16VoIP-Module(s) (up to 64 VoIP channels possible)
  • 8 addition. voicemail/fax channels, 40 addition. voicemail and 40 addition. fax boxes for the VMF-Module
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call through connections (all lines), 4 simultaneous connections included
  • Call data records (up to 18,000), 6,000 included
  • Hotel function2 (up to 112 in-room phones)
  • LAN TAPI (up to 112 subscribers), 8 included
  • Least Cost Routing Soft-LCR for VoIP, ISDN and analogue (up to 112 subscribers), 8 included
  • Project assignment of calls
  • SIP comfort package for standard SIP phones

1 With COMfortel 1400 IP / 2600 IP / 3200 / 3500 / 3600 IP
2 With COMfortel 1400 / 1600 / 2600
3 With corded COMfortel system telephones
4 Can be activated in the Auerswald Upgrade Center (with costs) or extension modules necessary
5 Release for compatible Auerswald IP system telephones necessary as well (with costs)

Exchange lines1  
ISDN S2M primary rate connection (PRI), point-to-point connection (PTP, Euro-ISDN, DSS-1) 1 max.
Sports, point-to-multipoint/point-to-point connection (PTMP/PTP, Euro-ISDN, DSS-1) 16 max.
VoIP channels (SIP acc. RFC 3261), point-to-multipoint/point-to-point connection (SIP trunking) 38 max.
VoIP codecs trunk line  G.711 (optional: G.723.1, G.726, G.729, iLBC)
Subscriber ports1  
Switchable S0 ports, point-to-multipoint connection (PTMP, Euro-ISDN, DSS-1) 32 max. 
Range of the internal S0 ports approx. 150 m
UP0 ports, point-to-multipoint connection (PTMP, Euro-ISDN, DSS-1) 32 max. 
Range of the UP0 ports 1,000 m at Ø 0.6 mm
Analogue ports, symmetrical, pulse/tone dialling, CLIP/CNIP capable 32 max. 
Range of the analogue ports 2 x 50 Ω, approx. 790 m at Ø 0.6 mm
VoIP subscribers 112 max.
VoIP channels (SIP acc. RFC 3261) 64 max. 
VoIP codecs internal G.711 (optional: G.723.1, G.726, G.729, iLBC)
Voicemail- and fax system1  
Voicemail and fax channels 16 max. 
Voicemail and fax boxes 120 each max. 
Fax standard T.30 / T38 acc. ITU-T
Door and relay connections1  
Door intercom port, acc. to FTZ 123 D12-0 8 max.
Doorbell/pushbutton input 16 max.
Door opener relay 8 max.
Switch relay 24 max., thereof 1 – 2 each front door stations
Maximum load door opener relay 30 V AC, 1 A max. 
Additional connections1  
Audio input for external Music on Hold 1 max.
Audio output for announcements 4 max.
Ethernet port 10/100 Base-T (10/100 MBit/s, twisted pair) 1
USB host V1.1 for printer and memory connection 1
Module slots 5
Technical data  
Operating voltage 230 V ±10 %, 50 Hz
Power consumption1 7.1 W min., 75 W max.
Housing plastic, 3 parts
Dimensions (w x h x d) 220 mm x 354 mm x 142 mm
Weight (w/o moduls) approx. 2,400 g
Safety CE
Supported operating systems Windows 7/8/10, Apple Mac OS X and Linux


1 Depending on the setup level of the system. The basic setup of the COMmander 6000 includes 2 VoIP channels (configurable as internal/external or voicemail channels)

Modular, flexible, individual.

The basic systems of the COMmander 6000 range are supplied as standard with a CPU, a power supply unit, the slot system for the add-on modules, and two activated VoIP channels. Depending on the model, either five (6000 and 6000R models) or fifteen (6000RX model) module expansion slots are available for the various trunk line, extension and function add-ons.

COMmander 6000: 5 slots

COMmander 8/16VoIP module
Adds eight channels for internal IP telephony and internet telephony. Provides additional codecs with voice compression to ensure optimum sound quality with VoIP even for smaller bandwidths. Each COMmander 8/16VoIP module can be expanded to 16 VoIP channels.
If you plug in the first COMmander VoIP module the included two VoIP channels will be disabled.
Number of modules which can be used in the COMmander: 4

COMmander S2M module
Adds one PRI port for a primary multiplex connection with up to 30 B channels from the network provider.
Number of modules which can be used in the COMmander: 1

COMmander 4S0 module
Adds four variable S0 ports (external/internal). You can connect COMfortel system telephones or any other ISDN terminal device to the internal S0 port.
Number of modules which can be used in the COMmander: 5

COMmander 8S0 module
Adds four variable S0 ports (external/internal) and four internal S0 ports. You can connect COMfortel system telephones or any other ISDN terminal device to the internal S0 port.
Number of modules which can be used in the COMmander: 4

COMmander 8UP0 module
Adds eight UP0 ports for 2-wire connection of system telephones and ISDN terminals (UP0/S0 Adapter necessary). 
Number of modules which can be used in the COMmander: 4

COMmander 8a/b module
Adds eight additional analogue extensions.
Number of modules which can be used in the COMmander: 4

COMmander VMF module
Adds an 8 channel voicemail and fax system with 80 voicemail and 80 fax boxes, incl. SDHC card (4 GB), 16 channels and 120 voicemail and 120 fax boxes can be activated.
Number of modules which can be used in the COMmander: 1

COMmander 2TSM-R-module
Adds two ports for door terminals (FTZ 123 D12-0), 2 door openers, 4 bell ports, 6 switching relays (2 required for each door), 1 additional doorbell and 1 ext. audio input and 1 output.
Number of modules which can be used in the COMmander: 4

UP0/S0 Adapter
Additional adapter for the UP0 ports, for the conversion from the 2-wire UP0 port to the 4-wire S0 port, e.g. for the connection of older COMfort system telephones.
Number of adapters which can be used in the COMmander: 1 for each internal UP0 port



COMmander 8/16VoIP module
Trunk line 8 VoIP channels, expandable to 16, point-to-multipoint/point-to-point connection (SIP trunking) 
Internal 8 VoIP channels, expandable to 16
VoIP standard SIP acc. RFC 3261
VoIP codecs G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729, iLBC
Fax over IP T.30 / T.38 acc. ITU-T
Encoding SIPS acc. RFC 3261, SRTP acc. RFC 3711, 4568
COMmander S2M module
Trunk line 1 PRI port, Euro-ISDN (DSS-1), point-to-point connection (PTP)
COMmander 4S0 module
Trunk line up to 4 Sports, Euro-ISDN (DSS-1), point-to-multipoint/point-to-point connection (PTMP/PTP)
Internal ISDN ports up to 4 S0 ports, Euro-ISDN (DSS-1), point-to-multipoint (PTMP)
COMmander 8S0 module
Trunk line up to 4 S0 ports, Euro-ISDN (DSS-1), point-to-multipoint/point-to-point connection (PTMP/PTP)
Internal ISDN ports up to 8 S0 ports, Euro-ISDN (DSS-1), point-to-multipoint (PTMP)
COMmander 8UP0 module
ISDN ports up to 8 UP0 ports, Euro-ISDN (DSS-1), point-to-multipoint (PTMP)
COMmander 8a/b module
Subscriber ports 8 analogue subscriber, pulse/tone dialling, CLIP/CNIP capable (FSK)
COMmander VMF module
Storage 1 SD/SDHC card slot (high-reliable SDHC card 4 Gbyte included)
Voicemail memory 120 hours incl. for announcements max. (at 4 GByte memory)  
Fax memory 3,500 pages max. (at 4 GByte memory) 
Fax standard T.30 acc. ITU-T
COMmander 2TSM module
Door intercom port acc. FTZ 123 D12-0
Maximum load door opener relay 30 V AC, 1 A max. 
Doorbell/pushbutton input for 4 doorbell buttons (potential-free closing contacts), 5–15 V AC or DC positive TGND 
Audio input adjustable -10 ... +10 dB (25 ... 50 kOhm)
Audio output 1 Veff max. (600 Ohm)
UP0/S0 Adapter
ISDN port 1 UP0 port to connect to COMmander 8UP0 module
ISDN port 2 Sport, Euro-ISDN (DSS-1), point-to-multipoint
Housing plastic, 2 parts
Dimensions (d x h) Ø 95 mm x 33 mm
Weight approx. 100 g


Product Overview English online 

Product overview

Brief descriptions and key features
of the entire product range

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The documents listed below are available especially for COMmander 6000:



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Brochure COMmander® 6000-Serie

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Data sheet PBX Call Assist 2

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