• Wählgerät WG-640 | Auerswald
  • Wählgerät WG-640 | Auerswald
  • Wählgerät WG-640 | Auerswald


A true all-rounder when it comes to security:

our dialling unit which misses nothing

Be it your home, your holiday home or your company building – the dialling unit WG-640 ensures constant peace of mind. Simply hook it to the analogue trunk line or a/b port of your telephone system to be always reliably informed – via phone call or an SMS* – about any current events, such as a water damage, failure of a freezer, smoke emission or illegal entry. Six message inputs, suited for switching contacts and sensors alike, feed the dialling unit with various occurrences or measured values. The unit will then try to reach you under four different numbers. Best of all: the integrated real time clock automatically changes from summer time to winter time.

The slim dialling unit is practically indispensable when it comes to refrigerated products in the food trade: It is certified for temperature recording, as required through EN 12830**, fulfilling all official obligations you have to observe as a vendor of chilled products. According to these regulations, a traceable recording of the storage temperature must be ensured at all times.

All inputs are suited for switching contacts and standard interfaces of analogue sensors (available at some Auerswald partners or specialized distributors).


This is a sample of what you hear when the device has to report something: dial +49 5306 92 00 910 for a live demo.

* SMS distribution is arranged via a GSM gateway e.g. coM.sat Analog TRF (not included in the delivery).
** Since January, 2010, even cooling chambers (> 10 m3) of an older design must be equipped with a temperature recording device.

  • 6 signalling inputs, 4 destination phone numbers per input for alarm and/or send SMS1
  • Detecting the busy tone for quicker alarm processing 
  • Real time clock with automatic summer/winter time switch-over
  • Event log, 1,000 events for input/output/exchange line with date and time, power failure safe data storage
  • Measurement reporting, time interval 10 sec. up to 60 min. and/or  measured value difference 1 % up to 10 %, recording 1 year
  • Emergency mode via accu/battery (warning at operating voltage failure, defect rechargeable battery or emtpy battery to 4 destination phone numbers via alarm call and/or SMS1)
  • Remote acknowledgement of the alarm via tone dial
  • Certified temperature recording device acc. to EN 12830, proper for temperature monitoring and recording of chilled foodstuffs acc. to HACCP2
  • Remote switching of 2 relays max.; PIN protected, input via tone dial, display of the relay states via 2 LED
  • 6 LED for state indication of the signalling inputs
  • LED for signalling the exchange line and system state 
  • Switch and signalling outputs, relay operation mode can be set
  • LED signalling modes can be set in 3 steps
  • Record of messages and announcements as well as the configuration of the phone numbers with PC or directly via call to the device 
  • Easy installation and setup with software WG-640 Set
  • System software update: PC upload local

When WG-640 is used as certified temperature recording device for chilled foodstuffs, the sensor must be certified for the WG-640. We recommend the Jumo sensor 902520/13.

1 Sending SMS via GSM Gateway, e. g. coM.sat Analog TRF (not included in WG-640)
2 Older cold rooms (> 10 m3) since Januar 2010 must equipped with temperature recording device

Exchange line  
Analogue trunk line (tone dialling) 1
Subscriber port  
Analogue port (tone dialling), symmetrical 1
Signalling inputs as normally closed / normally open / analogue measuring input (0 – 20 mA, 4 – 20 mA, 0 – 10 V) 6
Sensor power supply voltage 24 V DC
Absolute precision < 1 %, factory-calibrated, reference to 100 % full scale
Maximum input resolution < 0.03 %, reference to 100 % full scale
Connection for stop/systems availability (normally open) 1
Switching function/signalling  
Switching output with state LED 2
Maximum load switching relay 30 V, 1 A max.
LED (exchange line state / system state)  1 + 1 (extern)
Power supply external LED approx. 3.3 V DC, 20 mA, UF < 2 V
LED for state indication of the signalling inputs 6
Events for input/output/external line with date and time, power failure safe data storage  1,000 data sets
Measured values for outputs 1 – 6, time interval (10 sec. uo to 60 min.) and/or measured value difference (1 % up to 10 %) 1 year
PC connection  
USB (Full Speed 1.1, to be compatible with V 2.0) 1
Technical data  
Operating voltage 230 V +10 %, -15 %, 50 Hz
Power consumption1 1.5 W min., 7 W max.
Emergency power rechargeable battery/battery (1 x AA, Mignon cell)
Operating temperature 0 °C – +40 °C
Storage and transport temperature +20 °C – +70 °C
Humidity of the air 10 – 90 %, non-condensing
Housing plastic, 2 parts
Dimension (w x h x d) 217 mm x 157 mm x 63 mm
Weight approx. 550 g (device), approx. 110 g (power supply)
Safety CE
Supported operating systems Windows 7/8/10


Product Overview English online 

Product overview

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The documents listed below are available especially for WG-640:



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Brochure WG-640

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