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Auerswald Accessories - a/b Audiobox a/b Audiobox

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Auerswald Accessories - UP0/S0 Adapter UP0/S0 Adapter

Conversion of 2-wire UP0 to 4-wire S0 interface

Auerswald Accessories - SG-100 / SG-200 SG-100 / SG-200

Surge Protection SG-100 and SG-200

Auerswald Accessories - COMfortel PoE-100 COMfortel PoE-100

PoE power adapter, IEEE 802.3af compliant, to supply PoE capable IP devices

Auerswald Accessories - COMfortel PoE-1000 COMfortel PoE-1000

PoE feed-in adapter complies with IEEE 802.3af for supplying power via the Fast or Gigabit Ethernet port.

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