TFS-Dialog 200

  • Türsprechsystem TFS-Dialog 200 | Auerswald
  • Türsprechsystem TFS-Dialog 200 | Auerswald
  • Türsprechsystem TFS-Dialog 200 | Auerswald

TFS-Dialog 200

Door intercom system designed for analogue interfaces –

an elegant calling card for visitors

Even if your telephone system has no special door phone interface – the TFS-Dialog 200 with its timeless design ensures the highest level of operating convenience. It’s connected via a two-wire cable directly to an a/b port of your system and behaves quite like a phone: Once the door bell is triggered, the intercom system dials a pre-defined internal or external number. You can talk to the visitor over the phone and open the door. Thanks to latest micro electronics you will enjoy superior speech quality. And the white LED backlighting ensures bright and evenly illuminated name tags in the dark.

The ultra-flat housing fits perfectly to practically every type of building. This means it manages without a complicated separate flush-mounted installation kit. To cover the existing wall box of an older system, you can opt for a cover plate which is angled upwards and also serves as a weather-protection roof.

  • Operation on analogue subscriber ports of a PBX system made by Auerswald or other vendors
  • Modern slim line housing with exclusive design
  • 1 – 4 door bell buttons (TFS-Dialog 201 to TFS-Dialog 204), optional useable as light key
  • Full-face, white background illumination with maintenance-free LED technology, without additional power supply
  • Programming of the numbers and basic functions via telephone
  • Two levels of sensitivity for noisy and quiet environments
  • Switching contacts for door opener, doorbell and light (doorbell transformer required)
  • Additional switching possibilities with optional a/b switching modules
  • Excellent speech audibility frequency-optimised amplifier electronics
  • Compact construction with only 16 mm height
  • Maintenance-free robust full-metal buttons
  • Shatter-proof name plate covers made from 4 mm crystal-clear plastic
  • Optional mounting plate for weather protection and installation upon rough walls available
Interface, supply connection analogue subscriber port / extension of the PBX
Dial mode tone dialling
Technical data  
Operating voltage from analogue port 16 – 60 V DC (lighting powered via doorbell transformer) or
19 – 60 V DC (lighting powered via analogue port)
Operating voltage from doorbell transformer (optional) 8 – 18 V AC, 40 mA
Loop current, depending on operation mode < 1 mA / 20 – 60 mA
Temperature range -20 °C – +50 °C
Maximum load door opener 18 V AC / 40 V DC, 2 A
Maximum load doorbell and lighting output 18 V AC / 40 V DC, 0,5 A
Loudspeaker Ø 50 mm
Housing Aluminium, anodised, natural silver
Dimensions (w x h x d) 104 mm x 153 mm x 16 mm
Weight approx. 360 g
Protection IP 22
Technical data weather protection  
Material Aluminium ALMG3, anodised, natural silver
Weight Variant A (small): approx. 250 g
Variant B (large): approx. 310 g
Dimensions (w x h x d) Variant A (small): 136 mm x 188 mm x 39 mm
Variant B (large): 136 mm x 229 mm x 47 mm

Weather protection and mounting platesTFS-Dialog 201 with weather protection plate

Optimal as protection and fitting aid

If you want to exchange your old door phone with a new unit the weather protection is the ideal mounting plate for the door phone system TFS-Dialog 200. The traces of the old installation are perfectly covered and your new door phone is protected against the effects of weather.


Ready for RFID

In the housing of the TFS-Dialog 200, directly behind the name plate glass is an area of 4 x 5 cm on the circuit board ready to fix an RFID antenna on it. With this you can realise a non-contact entry system.


a/b Switching Module

Exclusive from Auerswald: the a/b Switching Modules

If you want to switch on lights when pressing a (bell) button or activate your existing door bell you will need additional switching contacts. Auerswald is offering the a/b Switching Modules as an exclusive solution for the TFS-Dialog 200. They can be fitted anywhere within the wiring between door phone and telephone system and will be activated upon pressing one of the buttons. Six of these a/b Switching Modules can be attached to one door phone TFS-Dialog 200; despite only one single two-wire cable is necessary. Each button of the door phone can control one or more switching modules with free selectable allocation. The modules fit easily into e.g. existing flush-mounting junction boxes. 


Communication and switching using the mobile phone

Assuming you are out of the house for an errand. If the door call is forwarded to your mobile phone you can inform the person in front of the door that you will be back in a second. Or you can tell the postman where to leave the parcel. If it is a family member who has forgotten the key you can open the door with your mobile phone, switch on the light or activate other switching tasks via the connected a/b Switching Modules.


Product Overview English online 

Product overview

Brief descriptions and key features
of the entire product range

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The documents listed below are available especially for TFS-Dialog 200:



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Brochure Türsprechsysteme

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