COMmander® VMF-R Module

Central 8-channel voicemail and fax system with up to 120 voicemail and 120 fax boxes for COMmander 6000R/RX

80 voicemail and 80 fax boxes for subscribers and groups (teams), expandable up to 120

8 voicemail and fax channels, expandable up to 16

Fax sending from the desktop via the network (Windows 7/8/10)

No maintenance or operation costs for fax machines

Recording of up to 120 hours of voice messages incl. announcements or up to 3,500 fax pages (with 4 gigabytes of memory; supplied)

Your advantages in detail

With the COMmander VMF-R Module you will get a central voicemail and fax solution for the COMmander 6000R and 6000RX, capable of meeting the most stringent demands and leaving nothing to be desired!

During your absence, simply forward your extension to your personal voicemail box and greet the caller with a customised announcement based on the forwarded number. Using the corded COMfortel system telephones to operate the central answering machine is child’s play – just like you are used to with telephone answering machines.

The classic sending and receiving of fax messages with lengthy waiting periods while sending, and due to paper jams, lack of toner and the long distances to the fax machine, is a thing of the past when using this central voicemail and fax solution. Fax correspondence all takes place on the workstation screen directly. Voice and fax messages are sent automatically by e-mail if desired.

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Features & technical data

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Module connection options

  • 2 Ethernet interfaces 10/100 Base-T (10/100 MBit/s) for the system and network connection (LAN)
  • SDHC cards up to 8 Gigabyte possible

Module functions

  • 8 voicemail and fax channels, expandable to 16 channels (not possible with COMmander Basic.2)
  • 80 voicemail and 80 fax boxes for subscribers and groups, expandable to 120 voicemail and 120 fax boxes, with COMmander 6000/6000R/6000RX, Business (19")
  • Fax sending via the network
  • Recording of up to 120 hours of speech messages incl. announcements or approx. 3,500 fax pages (with 4 GB of memory)
  • 10 announcements per voicemail box
  • 999 messages per voicemail and fax box
  • Limitation of the recording time per voicemail box and per call
  • Limitation of the memory per fax box
  • Individual announcements, depending on the transferred number time and call type
  • Call acceptance depending on the time (system configurations, e.g. day or night) or on the call type (anonymous, external, internal, door)
  • Time depending activation/deactivation of the voicemail boxes
  • Automatic clearing up of the speech and fax messages possible
  • Full system integration, comfortable menu guidance via corded COMfortel system telephones
  • Separate archive for the storage of already read or heard messages
  • Substitute function
  • Intelligent message forwarding via e-mail, up to 10 recipients per voicemail and fax box
  • Notification via RSS feed and call (internal and external)
  • Forwarding and copying of speech and fax messages to other voicemail or fax boxes
  • Voice-guide operation of the mail boxes locally or remote
  • Extensive administration and operation possibilities via the web interface of the ICT system
  • SDHC card up to 8 Gigabyte applicable, 4 Gigabyte in the scope of supply (industrial quality)




2 Ethernet ports, of which one is for connection to the basic unit

Voice mail/fax channels

8 16

Voice mail / fax boxes

80 of each 120 of each

Delivery Scope

  • COMmander VMF Module or VMF-R Module
  • Patch cable (length approx. 30 cm)
  • SDHC card, 4 GB, industry quality

ICT System

COMmander® 6000RX

Fully modular ISDN/VoIP communication server for 19" racks; up to 38 exchange line channels and 112 subscribers, 15 module slots

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