COMfortel® WS-650 IP

Highly extendible professional multi-cell IP DECT server for 30 handsets, with 32 VoIP channels connecting to a SIP-based ICT …

Delivers high-quality and secure communication throughout the company

Optimal availability of employees due to increased site mobility

Flexible wireless coverage with up to 1024 radio cells (COMfortel® WS-Base)

Registration of 30 handsets, software upgrade to support more than 4000 handsets

32 simultaneous voice channels between IP-DECT server and the PBX, hardware upgrade to 1024 voice channels

Your advantages in detail

The COMfortel WS-650 IP is an IP DECT server for all company sizes. The IP DECT multi-cell system ensures the permanent availability of employees throughout the company. Calls can be made even while moving around company premises. The connection is automatically – and of course seamlessly – transferred to the next base.

Its professional features, such as access to address books provided centrally via LDAP or in the cloud, or its extreme scalability with up to 1,024 base stations and 4,096 mobile users, makes this system a good investment for the future.

The entire IP DECT wireless system comprises several components: the COMfortel WS-650 IP server, up to 1,024 COMfortel WS-Base DECT bases, if necessary, a COMfortel WS-R2/R4 repeater to extend the range of the bases, and our COMfortel M-100/M-210/M-310 DECT handsets.

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Features & technical data

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Phone Features

  • Registration of 30 wireless users, possible to extend to 4,096 wireless users
  • 32 simultaneous VoIP channels to the ICT system, hardware extension for up to 1,024 voice channels available (in steps of 32)
  • Flexible extension of the radio coverage with up 1,024 base stations
  • Seamless Handover between the base stations
  • High-quality and secure voice communication
  • Web UI for administration and maintenance of the entire infrastructure
  • Support for provisioning of configuration and user data through HTTP/HTTPS/TFTP for the entire installation incl. handsets
  • Central administration of over-the-air handset firmware upgrades (COMfortel M-100, M-210, M-310)
  • Prioritisation of voice traffic (DiffServ)
  • Tone dialling during a call (according to RFC 2833)
  • VLAN support based on IEEE 802.1q/p
  • VoIP codecs G.711 (μ-Law/A-Law) and G.726



System connection

Ethernet 10/100 Base-T

Maximum number of handsets 1

30 4,096

Maximum number of bases COMfortel WS-Base 1


Maximum number of repeater COMfortel WS-R2/R4

3 per COMfortel WS-Base

Module slots

2 for Media Ressources

VoIP protocol

SIP, RFC 3261 compliant

VoIP codecs 1

G.711, G.726 G.711, G.726, G.729

Maximum number VoIP channels 1

32 1,024

Operating voltage

110 V – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

2.8 W min. | 6.5 W max.


closed 19" rack-mounting type casing, 1 HU



Dimensions (w x h x d)

440 mm x 199 mm x 44 mm

Weight (w/o modules)

approx. 2,350 g



Delivery Scope

  • COMfortel WS-650 IP
  • Network cable
  • Mounting bracket and screws for 19" mounting
  • Setup Guide (German/English)


COMfortel® M-210

Robust and convenient – this DECT handset is easy to use and has a multitude of practical functions for professional use

COMfortel® WS-Base

IP-DECT multi-cell base station for setting up a multi-cell system based on COMfortel WS-400 IP or COMfortel WS-650 IP


COMfortel® WS-R2

Simple and fast extension of the radio coverage, especially in remote locations, with the COMfortel WS-R2 repeater

COMfortel® WS-R4

Simple and fast extension of the radio coverage, especially in remote locations, with the COMfortel WS-R4 repeater

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