COMfortel® Mobile Business

FMC application for mobile use of your business calling number

Access to the ICT system’s telephone book

Seamless integration into iOS and Android operating systems

Signal the business phone number

Full flexibility – switch availability by using the Auerswald API

Voice control by using Apple’s voice assistant, Siri

Your advantages in detail

The FMC smartphone app COMfortel Mobile Business enables users to make phone calls in the mobile phone network using their business landline number, regardless of their location. With this BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution, employees who frequently travel for business are easier to be contacted and can work flexibly.

Privacy guaranteed: the private smartphone phone number is always protected and is not transmitted to the conversational partner. Furthermore, the telephone book in the ICT system can be retrieved by using a smartphone.

iPhone integration: the CallKit interface integrates seamlessly with Apple’s iOS. Additionally, calls can also be initiated via Apple’s voice assistant, Siri. Incoming and outgoing calls made with the landline number always appear in the mobile phone’s regular caller list.

You can obtain COMfortel Mobile Business directly in the Apple® App Store or at Google Play.

Compatible products

Features & technical data

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App Features

  • Switch parallel calling and call forwarding
  • Access to the ICT system’s telephone book
  • Access to contacts on the smartphone
  • Integrated dialler
  • Signal the business phone number
  • Supports Apple CallKit

System requirements 1



Communication platforms

COMpact 4000
COMpact 5000, 5000R
COMpact 5200, 5200R
COMpact 5500R
COMmander 6000, 6000R, 6000RX

Operating systems

iOS from Version 9, Android from Version 5

  • 1 ICT systems with firmware version from 7.2A

Delivery Scope

ICT System

COMmander® 6000R

Fully modular ISDN/VoIP communication server for 19" racks; up to 38 exchange line channels and 112 subscribers, 5 module slots

COMmander® 6000RX

Fully modular ISDN/VoIP communication server for 19" racks; up to 38 exchange line channels and 112 subscribers, 15 module slots

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