Home Office, Small Office, Business

Home Office, Small Office or Business?

Certainly, we don’t expect visitors of our website to study our entire range of PBX systems – that would be asking too much. Therefore, we offer a rough subdivision for quick orientation on our homepage: Home Office, Small Office and Business. Whether you’re looking for a small control center for your private home (which may include a home office) or you’re in need of a system that supplis a small or medium-sized business with the latest communications solutions – you will immediately get specific suggestions.

Generally, however, we recommend to visit your local specialist dealer to clarify any open questions because their expert advice may take entirely different aspects into consideration which you hadn’t even thought about. In any case, connection possibilities and optional extensions are the most relevant selection criteria. No matter if it’s a small PBX system or a fully modular ITC server for a medium-sized company – the available extension options may let you consider a model that’s totally different from the one that initially appeared ideal for your purposes.