Europa für Niedersachsen

ESF funding for the regions of Lower Saxony

What does ESF stand for?

The European Social Fund (ESF) is Europe's most important instrument for promoting employment - it invests in people. The fund supports companies and employees in qualifying and securing skilled labour. It promotes equal opportunities on the labour market, supports people in accessing better jobs and in vocational training and qualification. It thus contributes to strengthening social cohesion and combating poverty.

What is the aim?

The aim of the ESF is to achieve a high level of employment, to improve the quality of jobs and job opportunities and to fight poverty.

The cross-cutting objectives of ESF funding are:

  • Coping with demographic change
  • Equal opportunities for men and women
  • Non-discrimination and sustainability

The ESF is thus the European Union's most important funding instrument for projects that focus on people and their needs.

What does the ESF support at Auerswald?

The following projects are funded by the European Social Fund at Auerswald:

  • Further training as a project management specialist (GPM) / IPMA Level D                PDF (German)

Internationally recognised, the certification as a project management specialist (GPM) / IPMA Level D enables the goal-oriented organisation, planning and control of projects. The certification in project management is based on the international standards of the International Competence Baseline (ICB), which are defined and permanently developed further by the International Project Management Association, IPMA.


Further information on ESF funding can be found at: