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Upgrade-Center Help / FAQ

What can be purchased in the Upgrade-Center?

In our Upgrade-Center customers can purchase releases for features of Auerswald PBX systems and devices in the form of 20-digit release codes.

Who is allowed to make purchases in the Upgrade-Center?

As an end user you can buy features for the PBX system COMpact 50xx VoIP and the system telephone COMfortel 2500. If you are a registered specialised dealer you can additionally purchase features for the PBX system COMmander Basic.2. After you successfully took part in our Q3 seminar you may buy release codes for the PBX system COMmander Business as well. Customers outside Germany please contact our local representative.

Why should my internet browser accept cookies?

For a reasonable use of the Upgrade-Center your internet browser must accept cookies. A cookie is required every time the Upgrade-Center has to store information for a later use. E. g. after logging in your customer details will be stored for a possible purchase. Your entered (dongle) serial number and
ed language will be kept in memory for the whole session. Please note that the Upgrade-Center will display an error message if you directly open a sub-web page instead of the home page even though cookies are accepted (e. g. via a saved URL).

How do I make purchases in the Upgrade-Center?

In order to make purchases in the Upgrade-Center you need a customer account. As an end user you can create a customer account by going through the following steps: -> Forward -> User administration -> Registration (create an user account). If you are a specialised dealer please contact our sales department. You will immediately get your login details for the Upgrade-Center. Then you can log in to the Upgrade-Center with your user name and password (end user) resp. your customer number and pin (specialised dealer) through the appropriate function in the left menu.

After you have logged in you first enter the 12-digit serial number of your dongle (COMpact 50xx VoIP, COMmander Basic.2, COMmander Business) or the serial number of your device in the left menu. You will then get fitting products for your
ed device by clicking on the three coloured categories on top of the page. With the aid of the search function in the left menu you can search products by name or product number.

In the product list you can click on the image in the column "Details" to get more information about the release. If the column "Order" contains a shopping basket you then may purchase this product.

Customers outside Germany please contact our local representative.

Where do I find the serial number of the system telephone COMfortel 2500?

You get the 12-digit serial number of the COMfortel 2500 by querying the telephone directly. To get the number please press the key "Menu", browse to the item "Information" and
it using the left softkey. Then use the right softkeys to turn over to "Serial number".
Please note that the phone needs at least firmware 3.3x.

What does the table below the image in detail page stand for?

The table displays the current extension level for each feature of your device as well as the required minimum and maximum extension level before purchasing the product. Furthermore it shows the modification caused by the release and the period of time for which the release is valid.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Please understand that we only accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) for payment. Authorised specialised dealers with credit limit may also buy on account. For further information please read our Security advice.

How do I get the release codes?

If you purchase free products or pay by credit card or on account the acquired release codes are included in the confirmation email and will be displayed on the checkout page. Additionally you will receive a postal invoice which also contains the release codes.

Can a product purchased by mistake be cancelled?

If the release code has been already sent to you by email or mail cancellation is not possible any more. If you purchased the release code for one of the PBX systems COMpact 50xx VoIP, COMmander Basic.2 or COMmander Business we can replace the installed dongle. In that case please contact our service department.