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COMfortel VoicemailIhre aktuelle Ausbaustufe: 0
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By inserting an SD card into the integrated card slot of the COMfortel 2500 you can upgrade your telephone with a complete voicemail system. With SD cards (up to 2 Gigabyte) of various manufacturers the telephone transforms into a storage for announcements, messages or recordings. Gigantic possibilities: one Gigabyte means more than 30 hours of recording capacity. Plenty of space for numerous announcements individually tailored for each group of callers - played back matching to the called number (e.g. separate for private or business calls). If on the road a fast playback function (remote polling without PIN) and the automatic message forwarding e.g. to your mobile phone makes the use convenient.

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COMfortel Voicemail (94000)
Voicemail function for COMfortel 2500
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