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Just imagine for a minute what everyday work would be like without your computer! You’d have to type your letters, fold them, put them in an envelope, put a stamp on them and … wait for an answer. Halls full of dusty files – without e-mail and database, this would be the scenario. Is that a way to work? No! And when it comes to phoning? Are your clients greeted by name? Do you automatically see on your screen what’s been discussed with a colleague or what’s been ordered? Does it take just one click to connect your client with a service team member who also has all client data directly at hand?

Your ideal Unified Communications solution docks right on to the system you’re using anyway. No matter if your address data is stored in MS Outlook®, Lotus Notes or one of the common ERP or CRM applications or even a specific industry solution (e.g. DATEV pro) – the Auerswald LAN TAPI interface forms the basis on which you can have the desired number dialled by a simple mouse click from your application of choice. ProCall Enterprise by ESTOS is a Unified Communications solution with all the relevant CTI functions (making calls, accepting and ending them, making an enquiry, forwarding, initiating a conference). The scope of performances also includes a “presence management system” that keeps you informed which colleague is available for communication or else busy because he’s on the phone or in a meeting (integration with MS Office). Depending on availability, you can choose the adequate communication channel, such as telephone, e-mail, Instant Messaging or SMS, directly from the ProCall application.

Want to connect multiple locations? The MultiSite concept lets you cross-connect enterprises with multiple locations or branches so that you know who’s present even accross different locations and who should be addressed or forwarded to when necessary.
The so-called Federation, an ESTOS technology, goes one step further. Resembling a social network, it offers added value: on the basis of open standards (SIP/SIMPLE and XMPP) and secure protocols (TLS and MTLS), presence information and Instant Messages may be exchanged even across enterprises – with clients, suppliers and business partners. ProCall Enterprise by ESTOS gives small and medium-sized enterprises a reliable and professional basis for improving their communication processes, thereby optimizing their business processes in general. Now also available with native apps for Android, iPhone and iPad as well as additional collaborative functions!

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