How it works

Clever Ideas – here is how the Auerswald ideas exchange works

Clever Ideas is a platform that lets you submit and rate ideas. It's an ideas exchange that is open to all. Users can rate, comment and vote on ideas posted by other community users. You can also post your own ideas, to be rated, commented and voted on by other community users. Let's hear all your ideas!

Basic concept
We have four ideas exchanges for different types of ideas. When you submit an idea, you start by choosing first a suitable ideas exchange, such as "Telephones", and then a category, for instance, COMfortel 3500. You can either access the ideas exchange directly from our homepage, or open a product-related ideas form from a product page. Most of our web pages (including this) have a link in the bottom left corner of the screen that will take you straight to the ideas exchange.

Clever Ideas – innovations
Post ideas that are not necessarily related to an existing product. Your idea could be a ground-breaking innovation for an existing product (such as a new feature that doesn’t yet exist in this form), or a completely new product for the ICT sector or related industries.

Clever Ideas – PBX systems
Post suggestions on how to extend the functionality of our PBX systems.

Clever Ideas – telephones
Post suggestions on how to extend the functionality of our system and IP telephones.

Clever Ideas – accessories
Post ideas relating to our accessories (such as Monitoring & Control, Audio Door Stations, or Installation & Security).


Voting system
Every user hasten votes in each of the ideas forums, i.e. 40 votes in total. Up to three of these votes can be cast for any of the ideas in a forum. All cast votes are considered used votes, i.e. they are deducted from a user's total number of available votes. When the status of an idea changes to closed (i.e. implementation complete or not technically feasible), these used votes are returned to the user.
This is to ensure that votes are cast following careful consideration and weighting, with the aim of preventing indiscriminate voting for random ideas.

What happens with my ideas at Auerswald?
All posted ideas are reviewed for economic and technical feasibility by the Auerswald product management team. We then let the community know whether or not a particular idea is technically and economically feasible. If Auerswald comes to the conclusion that it isn't, we also let the community know our decision.
The point in time when an idea is handed over to product management for review may vary. It depends on factors such as the level of participation and discussion by the community; the roadmap resources available in our development team; or the complexity of an idea. When the decision is made to implement an idea, it will be scheduled for a specific release or launch. We hope you understand that it is therefore impossible to say exactly how much time will elapse before implementation. Generally, we try to implement feasible ideas as quickly as possible – partly to thank you for your support!

Status indicators
The current status of each idea is indicated below its description. Each of the nine possible status options has a different colour that distinguishes it clearly at first glance. These are the five – self-explanatory – status options:

  • "Feedback from community"
  • "Feasibility review"
  • "Implementation planned"
  • "Implementation in progress"
  • "Delivered" [closed, cast votes are returned to users]
  • "Not feasible" [closed, cast votes are returned to users]
  • "Already exists" [closed, cast votes are returned to users]
  • "Otherwise solvable" [closed, cast votes are returned to users]
  • "Currently not possible (but saved)" [closed, cast votes are returned to users]

Why do I have to register?
Registration with an e-mail address and user name is necessary so we can contact everybody who has posted, supported or commented on an idea and keep them up to date. It's also the only way to get in touch with the authors of the prize-winning ideas each year.
Moreover, registration prevents the manipulation of votes for individual ideas. We also have additional technical safety mechanisms in place to prevent manipulation and safeguard the validity of the voting process.

Information sharing
After an idea has been posted, Auerswald sends e-mail notifications concerning any status changes or other information to the author and all users who have cast a vote or commented on the idea. To receive new comments on an idea, users have to enable e-mail notifications for comments in their profile settings.

Prizes for ideas
In the first or second quarter of each year, we compile a list of the ten implemented ideas with the most votes. This list is then reviewed by an internal panel of judges, who select and reward the top three ideas.

These prizes go to the top three ideas:

  • Platz 1: COMfortel 3600 IP
  • Platz 2: COMfortel 2600 IP
  • Platz 3: COMfortel 1400 IP

Rules of engagement
On the Clever Ideas platform, the same basic rules of etiquette and conduct apply as in all other online forums. In the event of insults or personal attacks, we reserve the right to exclude users from the ideas exchange. But we would hope that there will be no need for this last resort on Clever Ideas!
We would also like all platform users to keep in mind that not every idea can be implemented. However, if the implementation of an idea is technically and economically feasible on principle, we will include it in our roadmap. Again, we hope you understand that (depending on their complexity) ideas can't be implemented overnight. Each idea has to be included in our internal roadmap to permit the plannability of releases for our development team.



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